CBWhite helps organizations
answer these questions: 


So they can take
well-reasoned action: 


Who do we need to reach?

  • Those we hope to serve
  • Referral sources and community partners
  • Volunteers
  • Buyers of products and services
  • Donors and funders


Identify types of prospects


What are their needs?

What barriers might they face in coming to us?

Whom else will they consider?

How do we compare?


Develop and/or modify programs, products and services


What motivates them?

Why will they select us?

What makes us unique?

What benefit can we provide?  


Create an effective brand with consistent messages and a clear description of the organization


How will they learn about us?


Deliver messages using effective methods and referral sources


How successfully do current activities contribute to our mission?

Which of them should we keep, refine, discontinue?

Which new opportunities (products, services, events, programs) are most likely to succeed?



Allocate resources effectively