Market Research & Strategy

Many people think of “marketing” as getting messages out via Web sites, brochures and public relations activities. While these tools are an integral part of a marketing effort, they represent just one aspect of it—the implementation phase.

Far too often what is missing in an organization’s marketing approach is research into the motivations and perceptions of its constituents. Without external data, implementation must rely on anecdotes and “gut feel.” When an organization lacks a solid understanding of the needs and desires of its key audiences, marketing implementation may have only hit-or-miss success, at best, or be a failure, at worst.

The CBWhite Approach

Our market research reveals critical information about all types of constituents—current/prospective users of services, members, community partners, elected officials, staff, donors, volunteers—that leads to effective, high-impact marketing. The work we do affects every message about the organization, from “elevator speeches” to grant proposals, as well as the usual implementation tools.

We often see our work lead to changes in the way people in organizations talk about their work. They begin to see what they do in a new light and start using language and communication methods that resonate more deeply with their various audiences. A small investment in market research can make the difference between getting the right message to the right people at the right time and having a marketing implementation budget go to waste.

The diagram to the right illustrates CBWhite's approach:

The Benefit

Using CBWhite’s approach, coordinated and consistent efforts lead to increased awareness, usage and support. Marketing implementation is based on qualitative and/or quantitative information that sheds light on constituents’ perceptions, identifies service alternatives, and pinpoints an organization’s uniqueness and strengths. This information provides a critical understanding of “who we are and what we need to communicate,” which leads to integrated messages that have a meaningful impact.